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Photojournalist Lance Terry and First Light Studios have teamed up to raise funds for Haiti following January’s devastating earthquake. The studio and photographer mounted a two-day exhibit, giving away eighty Terry images in exchange for donations to the Haitian relief work of Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health.
‘Same same, but different,’ is a phrase commonly used by Southeast Asians introducing new things to visitors. This exhibit is not of Haiti, but it’s easy to see that people everywhere are ‘same same, but different.’
Terry and First Light have decided to extend the exhibit online. Images may be purchased in three sizes ranging in price from $25 to $95. 100% of the proceeds will support Haitian relief work of ‘Partners in Health.’ Thank you.

To learn more about the exhibit, see the story from The Herald at: http://tinyurl.com/yge9oer
To learn more about Partners in Health, visit their site at: http://standwithhaiti.org/haiti
For information about upcoming events at First Light Studios go to: http://firstlightstudios.net
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