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Reta Younge - Iron Will Farm - Wright NY

Reta Younge and Kevin Dibble manage forty cows at a family farm started by Reta’s grandparents over fifty years ago. Their farm straddles Brick School House Road in Schoharie County in the town of Wright, just a few hundred yards from the Albany County line.

Iron Will Farm evinces the hard work of a family that loves the land, their herd, and the life of farming. Peacocks stroll the barnyard, all descendents of a pair brought here years ago. Don’t let talk of exotic birds create visions of a gentleman’s farm with watercress in the sandwiches, however. The vintage 1940’s era, rusting GMC truck out beside the barn isn’t there for show; it was used just a season or two ago in the building of a new barn, and may yet see service again before it’s scraped.

Reta and Kevin are proud to be Agrimark Cooperative members.