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Monday, March 21, was a day of special significance for Steve and Rung Morgan, owners of SAAP Northern Thai Restaurant at Randolph’s Kimball House. On this auspicious day of solstice, Thai Buddhist monks from Boston area monasteries honored the restaurant and its staff with a formal visit of celebration and blessing. During the ceremonies, lasting several hours, the monks blessed each aspect of the restaurant and staff.

The monks: Phra Nirot (The eldest – went around the restaurant blessing each doorway and part of the facility)

Ajahn Wern Sepasouk – The youngest

Pha Thong Thavan

The restaurant staff: Steve and Rung, their son, and a staff person (female) being blessed by a smiling Phra Nirot in two images. Names will have to be provided by Steve and Rung. (Also, please check on Rung’s last name . . . not sure she took Steve’s
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